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Juicing for cold & flu season


Last week my son had a mild fever with a terrible cough and runny nose. Wanting to let his body do the healing, I thought it would be best to give him a fresh juice…and to make myself one while I was at it!

The recipe (all ingredients are organic):

2 Oranges, peeled

1 Lemon, NOT peeled

2 Royal Gala Apples

2 medium-to-large carrots

1″ piece of Ginger

Put everything throught the juicer, putting the carrots through last to push everything through.  Stir, serve immediately. Enough for a large cup for myself, and 6-8oz for him. Drink straight up – DELICIOUS!

Wouldn’t you know, his fever disappeared within 30 minutes and he hacked up SO MUCH phlegm. He didn’t cough again for the rest of the day!

Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine, and Thy Medicine Thy Food – Hippocrates