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Our favorite Juicer


We are addicted to our juicer! I highly recommend this Omega 8006 HD Juicer…and I’ll tell you why.

For starters, this is a “masticating” juicer. The average juicer on the shelf (and those late night infomercials) is a Centrifugal juicer.  Centrifugal juicers have a perforated metal bowl spinning at tens of thousands of RPMs that rip apart the fruits and vegetables as they are pushed through the machine.  This high spinning action aerates the juice and starts to oxidize the vital nutrients immediately. The high RPMs also generate heat and destroy enzymes. A “Masticating” juicer uses an auger to push the fruits and vegetables through a tunnel, as if it were being chewed, and then it is pressed against a screen which seperates the juice from the incredibly dry pulp.  A masticating juicer has low RPMs (ours is only 80RPM) thereby preserving all the vital nutrients and enzymes.

And if you’ve ever done a taste test comparison of juice made from a Masticating Juicer vs. a Centrifugal juicer, the difference would knock your socks off!  The masticating juicer is much more flavorful!

Also, you can’t juice Wheatgrass in a Centrifugal juicer, but you can in the Omega 8006 :)

Another winning feature? It comes with a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty!

The single Auger feature makes it super easy to clean (I can literally take mine apart and hand wash it in under 4 minutes). A useful feature considering we juice every single day, and sometimes 2 or 3 times per day!